Now look for regular posts on what’s happening in the daily energy group.

Daily energy group?

Brief explanation: We are energetic beings and operate much like computer systems. Seriously- the brain can be compared to a powerful CPU, cells to computer chips, and so on. Just like a man-made computer is designed to pull in information from an unseen web of energy-the world wide web- our system is designed to pull in everything we need to THRIVE- not just survive- from a much more expansive and interconnected unseen series of energy fields.

So, if that’s our design, why aren’t we all thriving?

Well, what’s pulled in – lack or joy, in a wide variety of forms- is determined by one’s energetic voltage, The higher the level of energy (voltage) the better. What lowers voltage is energetic interference, and that comes from STRESS. Subscribers to the energy group receive a clearing of various stressors every day- 7 days a week- via a pendulum and computer software. This work is remote (As validated by science, we’re already connected!) and energetic, not physical, because it turns out the physical is just a BLIP compared to what’s going on in the unseen world, a/k/a energy fields.

Initially remote “energetic stress management”’ may make little sense. Computer software? Clearing stress? But as the transformation from this “like treats like” approach makes itself evident, that changes.

There’s a weekly email to group members to summarize what’s coming up in the scans, but now that this site is up, those who want more information will have it via these posts and screencasts.

As various forms of stress appear in the scans, a few lifestyle changes may be in order. For starters, some may decide it’s time to clear stress related to their drinking water. (Wait till you see the water toxins scan!)

Today’s work, etheric, not physical