It seems, according to quantum physics, there is no time.

With that in mind, this past month our work was going to be devoted to putting that theory to the test with our timeline tool. Had a long list of items to scan…such as constant drama, attraction to negativity…the 24-hour spin cycle of fear the media seems to put out…

BUT THEN – along came a book- Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose- and the next thing I knew I was typing madly away day after day making new protocols related to the EMOTIONS that cause various “dis-eases”.

After all, suppressed/repressed emotions are said to be the root cause of disease. Would it be possible to clear such things from one’s timeline?

This isn’t exactly the direction I thought our work would take…but we can play motion pictures backwards, and we are much more powerful gadgets than ANY projector…so I figured there was no harm seeing if “timeline clearing” could apply to disease and even aging.

AND- there have been excellent results in one-on-one sessions.

Remember, we’re working with the energetic, not physical body, but here’s one example. Recently a client’s scan indicated suppressed anger and alcohol abuse as major forms of stress. Testing with the dowser there wasn’t a high resonance with clearing suppressed anger via the timeline, but instead with EFT (plenty of EFT examples on www.youtubes so she got started on that immediately!)

As far as alcohol abuse, though, and she isn’t a drinker- because alcoholism DOES run in her family- there was an extremely high resonance with clearing that ancestral trauma from her timeline.

Possible? If so, what a gift to her future generations!

AND- you are a Golden Child of a magical and alive Universe, so why wouldn’t it be possible?

Now that I think about it, let’s dowse that in while we do some other clearing- etheric, not physical.