Tomorrow, (April 8, 2024) we look forward to what’s becoming known as “The Great American Eclipse” 32 million Americans will be briefly in the dark. A variety of sources have said that during this time there are negative forces taking advantage of this “lack of SUN” to send destructive energy to the United States.

A suggestion from, though, (a highly recommended site!) warns against going into paranoia, and instead activating PRONORIA, which stands for:


Still, here are some suggestions that could neutralize any negative energy during the eclipse:


Light white and gold candles before the eclipse while setting intentions for America. Do this in a state of love.

Set up a mental shield (we’ll have that going via the SRC also)

Take time off.

Do NOT look at the eclipse.

Eat high energy foods.

Avoid- for the next 48 hours- surgery, signing contracts, etc. Also be aware tempers may flare. Don’t decide to quit your job, divorce your spouse, shoot bad drivers, and so on,

Take a salt-water bath.

What we’re working with in the group is nervous system regulation- see the screencast below.

But also, a reminder of the power of consciousness. If we truly understood this power, we could change not just America but even the world, A major prerequisite for higher consciousness is knowledge.

And speaking of that candle lighting/intention setting suggestion, my intention is to post more often. Not because readers have plenty of time to read more posts- lol, we’re all probably on information overload- but because I DO, at this time in my life, have more time for deep research than those working 9-5, raising children, and so on, I’d like to share it with those who are interested.

See what you think of this-

Industry Cover-Up of Rising Autism Rates | Childrens Health Defense

And our screencast, etheric, not physical