THAT- lack of KNOWLEDGE – is why I haven’t had the POWER to post the screencast intended to go up July 5 on how to save cocktails – the video service changed the program and it’s taken me several days to figure it out!

So, finally, here’s some low voltage “information” (energy is just information!) that, according to Evette Rose in Metaphysical Anatomy, can get stuck in the emotional body and as a result create financial lack.

Where does all this information come from? Well- our brains are powerful computer systems and, as we all know, computers are programmable. Point being, we are all programmed and create whatever we were programmed to create. It seems this programming lodges itself in the emotional body. There are many tools, the SRC being just one, for clearing such stress.

At some point we’ll go into various sources of such non-beneficial information, but for now consider the programming capabilities of the communications industry. Are we allowing people we assume are smarter than us to program us with information that lowers our consciousness, causing us to create lack in a variety of forms?

Regardless of how it’s happening, here’s some consciousness-lowering information that can get programmed in-

feels unworthy of being abundant.

feels unworthy of being loved.

feels unworthy of being successful.



fear surfacing somewhere in my body.

traumatic experience in the past with a partner.

traumatic experience in the past with money.

need to tie up loose ends.

negative association with money.

feel unsafe with abundance.

negative association with abundance.

lack of emotional freedom.

don’t know what true abundance feels like.

self-sabotaging patterns.

fear related to events witnessed in childhood.

expressing someone else’s fear about abundance.

fear of manifesting.

too much attachment.

unconsciously sabotage how desires manifest.

overly controlling.

not open to new possibilities.

trauma related to financial loss.

trauma related to sperm disconnecting from other sperm.




mother’s absorption during pregnancy.

ancestral trauma related to poverty.

ancestral trauma related to great loss.

parents experienced times of financial hardship.

trauma related to investments.

trauma related to marketing.

With the SRC these issues can be scanned and de-stressed- you’ll see the group’s top issues in the screencast below.

Also, in the screencast, is a cocktail for a powerful manifesting crystal- red adventurine. Not sure who’s interested in this type of thing, but crystals are also comparable to computers! Again, with knowledge comes power- check out the attributes of a few crystals and consider making some cocktails for the SRC!


Etheric, not physical

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