According to mainstream science, which happens to be quantum physics, we are literally creating our entire universe twenty-four hours a day. But – If this is true, it doesn’t seem we’re doing a very good job. Seriously, how did this world get into such a mess! War? Disease? Misery in such a wide variety of forms?

WELL-quantum physics says what we see in our world is what’s happening inside us. We are that powerful, designed to pull in information from surrounding, although unseen, energies (“energy” is just information) to create what we desire, even Heaven on Earth. Obviously, much of mankind seems to have taken the wrong direction with this at some point.

But I work with a stress-management/qi gong software system known as the SRC. This system is said to be a platform for anything a person might want to do to create the life they desire- provided it doesn’t involve harming another. This is because what seems to keep us from pulling in and processing necessary information for creating an abundant life is STRESS in a wide variety of forms, which the SRC works to manage.

I was thinking maybe we could use the SRC’s timeline tool to remove a few atrocities – war had come to mind- from our timelines. Timelines are just frequency. .

However, I realized that if everything’s coming from INSIDE US then dealing with external circumstances wasn’t going to do it. At that point I was led to several books, METAPHYSICAL ANATOMY by Evette Rose being the kingpin, that identified what’s going on in the emotional blueprint as the primary source of miscreation. The SRC can scan blueprints like no other tool I’ve come across!

I started madly writing scans for the SRC – which is why there hasn’t been a post in such a long time.

Once the project was completed, I’d intended to share them via these posts with those who have the software. But as I started to put this together today, it became apparent that there are way too many for that-so am putting together a booklet, to come soon.

Meanwhile, the daily energy group gets the clearings each day.

Since this post is already too long, tomorrow there will be a detailed example of what’s in the emotional blueprint related to the creation of financial lack.