The more time spent reading up on “quantum”, the more one might wonder if we’re all playing some sort of cosmic reality game. So, a new cocktail, “My Body. My Game. My Rules” has been added. Not only did the group want this run in the P4 today, but we also requested it in the mediator, which is shown in today’s screencast…

…which brings up a point. The average human attention span was said to be 12 seconds in 2000 and 8 seconds in 2013. The scary part is the attention of a goldfish is 9 seconds. The screencast is a little longer, sorry.

To save some time (8,7, 6, the clock is ticking) in today’s scan we asked for the sustenance balancer, generational scan, mediator, cellular memory scan, notes and frequencies of organs, along with medial symbols for lifted spirits, inner strength, flu and backache. We re clearing stress related to money frustration, negativity, destructive relationships, and pessimism, and, finally, requested cocktails to clear stress related to E.M.F. nutrition, misconceptions/rebelliousness, and finally to seal the energy field.

For those who want the most benefit from these daily sessions, though, deep inner work is an absolute must. Reading, for example- as in books, especially when the subject matter is the opposite of what’s always been programmed in by the mainstream, can be crucial for those who truly wish to access their power to create the life they desire.

Here’s an OLD book- it’s on for those who are members, free on Amazon for the kindle. World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin.

With so much in the news now about cancer because of what’s happening in the Royal Family… not to mention many of us having lost loved ones to the disease…what if it turned out there was a cure that somehow got suppressed?

Most won’t be able to tolerate such craziness, much less waste their time reading about it. However, evaluating information, pro or con, is ALWAYS a voltage/consciousness stimulant, and…

If we understood the power of consciousness, maybe we could change the direction of the planet.

Etheric, not physical