Most of us program ourselves for failure.

The goal for the energy group is to reprogram for SUCCESS. This involves gradually increasing voltage, a/k/a consciousness, which -just so you know- changes slowly. That’s why the approach with the group work is to send energetic balancing daily, working to clear lower vibratory energies that might keep voltage down. We refer to these energies as “stress”.

Today the group is receiving energy related to the gallbladder meridian, virus, and so on…it makes more sense to just show all this in the screenshot below, because the information is coming from the energetic blueprint, so is quite detailed.

Also, the more inner work on one’s own, the more powerful these sessions are. So, for those who work with dowsing here are some items that could be dowsed in- via simply a clockwise spin- via a pendulum:

Non-beneficial filters and programs are now dislodged and replaced with truth in an optimal way.

Rising expectancy for miracles

Vaporize negative energy and replace with 528 hertz.

And something to think about…there is a common misconception that when something is on the spiritual or non-physical plane, it is not real. What if it turns out that the opposite is true….

Etheric, not physical