We live in a field of possibilities. The SOUL is said to be the interface that coordinates what we pull in…lack or joy and abundance…both available in a wide variety of forms, as evidenced by what turns out to be LIFE.

This “soul interface” is based on the STORY we’ve designed for ourselves.


Well, as far as the SOUL, Neville Goddard wrote a variety of books that might answer some questions. Here’s a link to get 10 of them for free – NEVILLE GODDARD – 10 FREE PDF EBOOKS. – ImaginationAndFaith

The way Goddard’s book AWAKENED IMAGINATION explained the purpose of the soul was a life – changer for me personally. Bottom line, he said the soul was the ability to choose. Maybe another term would be sovereignty.

Is it time for a life-story re-write? If so, HOW? Stay tuned.

For today our group focus is stress related to the aura- it took several times to get it into balance. We also asked for a circuit upgrade via the sustenance balancer, and specified it was time to identify specific problems to solve, Grabovoi # 9214646