For those who are serious about creating the reality they consciously desire, it’s vital to question EVERYTHING. For starters, how do you know what I’m writing about is true? Are there hard cold facts to support it? (Well, yes. Neuroscience has the technology to validate all information shared.)

Turns out, though, as you start questioning you may conclude that much of what we’ve been taught is a bit off kilter. For example, are you aware that neuroscience now says the left/right brain theory is a myth? WHAT?

So, again, consider questioning EVERYTHING. In reference to the work we’re doing, maybe start with “Why do you believe what you believe? Have any of these beliefs held you back? Were you conditioned to believe them by various “authority figures”- parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, political figures etc.-? Is it time to unwire them from your consciousness? Is this even possible?” (yes)

But –it will require commitment, and could involve some work with the unseen world, i.e., physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. Here’s a brief description of each. As always, look all this up for yourself, too. Plenty of information is available.


This body/layer extends about three inches off the physical body but can extend up to 6 inches when interaction with the Emotional Body is intense. It is nurtured by each chakra both individually and as a collective force down the spine.


The emotional body extends six to 12 inches beyond the body. It’s filled with electromagnetic information that’s organized in geometric patterns. This information comes together in the heart chakra and then runs up the spine into the brain. It is THIS body that, via the “signatures/geometric patterns” it contains, brings in resonating signatures/information from the cosmos.


The Mental Layer extends 12-14 inches off the body. It operates from the throat chakra,

into the third eye. Perception* is the most important variable, so maintaining a healthy brain, continued learning, self-analysis, etc. is vital. *We only see about 25% of what is in front of us, because certain wavelengths do not translate in the brain. So, where does that leave our “perception” that leads to “awareness”?


The Soul Layer is typically 26 inches off the body. It processes incoming/outgoing frequencies to the brain via the pineal gland. Maintaining a healthy spiritual/soul layer is vital to the soul connections made with others and, as we’ll discuss in future posts, in creating desired reality.

Meanwhile, here’s our work for today. We took a break from clearing stress related to the emotional body because the primary stress was related to amino acids, and then witchcraft! What a combination- it led to some interesting questioning via! Will put what I learned together down the road, still trying to process it myself-

Etheric, not physical