If we’re walking, talking, bags of water – and from a certain perspective we are- maybe it’s not a bad idea to take a closer look at the quality of water we’re drinking. From time to time, we’ll do that. Still, it’s vital to understand that we are already equipped with incredible power, which includes the ability to handle all forms of stress, even environmental.

The challenge is that stress- mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual- can block this power. In the group we work daily to clear this.

And here’s something else to think about: Water, both inside and outside of the body, is highly programmable. We human beings, for the most part unconsciously, program ourselves non-stop with our own words and thoughts. This doesn’t seem to have worked out well for many.

BUT we can change this! For starters, how about getting out a sheet of paper, writing down the following code, and placing it under your water pitcher, glass- whatever’s easiest-

I am a fully enabled and capacitated human, all in a perfect and correct way 69763249.
(Why a code? Remember, we’re in a mathematical Universe. Everything is frequency and frequencies are identified by numbers. Check out healingnumbers.info)

A simple start to re-programming… maybe even training wheels for the miracles to come…

A few other codes were scanned to get information on which would be most powerful at this time:

Etheric not physical-