Everything is a frequency. In the daily energy group, we choose the frequencies of health and vibrancy.

This choice typically involves a desire for more information on (go figure) HEALTH. Shockingly, with research, many discover that much of what’s taught is the opposite of what’s TRUE.

With that in mind, for the next week or so our focus is clearing stress related to water. The SRC software will also address other areas of stress as well, as seen in screencasts. However, for optimal health water seems to be KEY, so here goes-

We’ve been taught that the more water we drink, the better. That is not necessarily true. Drinking too much water can “wash out” necessary SODIUM/SALT, which is critical for the BRAIN.

In fact, thirst/hydration is not just about seeking water but also seeking sodium/salt.

8 glasses or more of water a day? A MYTH.

More as we move along. Meanwhile, consider doing some research. Maybe you can stop carrying that jug of water around.

For today’s session we requested a significant amount of stress management. In addition to the P4, which is the main engine-

Charger– heal all abnormalities of neurotransmitter function 83142128

Dispenser- Malfunction/Imbalance as a result of mental/emotional stress.

Prayer Warrior- Integrate all 36 multidimension chakras.

Elemental scanner – optic thalamus – (the body’s information relay station)

Sustenance balancer- Shedding cocktail, Influenza, mitochondria, claustrum 81991606

(Claustrum- a thin sheet of neurons and supporting glial cells, that connects to the cerebral cortex and subcortical regions including the amygdala, hippocampus, and thalamus of the brain. Sounds ok to keep it nourished on an etheric level.)

Etheric, not physical