We live in a sea of informational frequency. The ancients referred to it as “mind substance” and stated that this sea of energy, although invisible via the 5 senses, is alive, active, taking form according to another invisible force WITHIN each of us: Our thoughts.

Now technology confirms this. Don’t get me wrong, there are many factors influencing our thoughts. But still, let it sink in. We are equipped to create a world of joy and abundance. Everything we see on the “outside” is the result of what’s coming from our “inside”, namely our thoughts.

The challenge: Because this “thinking” is, for the most part, coming from the subconscious, most remain unaware of what they’re REALLY thinking. Seriously, nobody is consciously thinking “I’d like to go broke”. This is where technology such as the SRC can really shine…it makes that invisible world visible, so we can see what forms of stress are skewing our thoughts.

But it also may take some action in the 3D world.

For example, we’re spending, as adults, roughly 10 ½ hours a day on SCREENS- television, computers, cell phones…is it possible this is skewing our thoughts? (yes) If so, would cutting back on screen time further enhance the work with the SRC that we’re doing each day?

It’s well documented that screens can program people. Today, along with the regular daily balancing, let’s do a scan to see if there are any weird commands floating around our energy field. For example, if one is watching the news, or true crime…what thought forms might be coming our way? We may not download these thoughts, that depends on personal life force energy/voltage- but we can probably all agree there’s some crazy behavior out there. Is it even remotely possible it’s related to what’s coming off the screens?

Etheric, not physical