We are not our body. We are spirits, temporarily residing in powerful computer/software system which includes not only the physical body but also corresponding energy fields- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These fields are the blueprints for the reality we create. (The physical body is just a blip, according to quantum science!)

But there’s more- ALL of this somehow connects us to a possibly infinite field of informational frequency that includes everything imaginable, both negative and positive. We can have whatever we choose.

But- many, way too many, somehow choose to pull in lower vibratory information- war, disease, suffering, lack in a variety of forms. Who or what is responsible for this?

Well- the operator of this powerful system is MIND. Many believe that’s the brain, but the brain is just the body’s CPU. The MIND is the HEART.

MIND, starting in the womb and then up till about age 7, sets up an emotional body/blueprint containing “causal emotional signatures” These signatures are what then communicate with the cosmos, pulling in corresponding life experiences.

Work with the SRC can clear some of the stress related to this.

For example, the following causal emotional issues can be scanned- anger, depression, difficulty in dealing with people, disappointment in emotional/sentimental areas, lack of emotional stability, emotional suffering for unknown reason, fear, hate, interference in other people’s business, jealousy, loss of a loved one, mind control, and suffering from a financial break. (This list comes from Help One Another by Hanna Kroeger)

Most recently, as a group, we’ve been working to clear stress related to the causal emotional signature of anger. The premise is that until this non-beneficial signature is cleared, one keeps creating situations related to anger.

BUT- can we go even deeper with this software and start doing some serious manifesting of what’s truly desired? Yes! And it’s time!

So, instead of a screencast today, just a summary- first, we’re working to clear stress related to congestion of kidneys and pancreas. Next, we’re taking an energetic chemical detox, and, finally, we’re working to clear stress related to prenatal trauma.

The overall theme is Stagnation.

In place of the screencast, something that might help with DE-stagnation:

(731) MIND-BLOWN! How 5th Dimensional MANIFESTATION Really Works! UNLOCK Your DREAM LIFE! | Mike Dooley – YouTube