So, if your life isn’t turning out the way you always desired, why not hit the reset button?

And yes, it’s possible.

For starters, voltage (consciousness) may need a boost. The daily energy group sessions are devoted to this, via the cumulative impact of receiving daily clearings of what we’ll refer to as “stress”. Today, for example, the group is receiving energy to clear fear of success, along with electromagnetic and generational stress.

According to the scan, what could block these frequencies is: programming from the communications industry. So, for maximum energetic balancing consider turning off the TV/internet from time to time. 😊

There is more involved in these sessions than the SRC, too- for example, dowsing via a pendulum is part of daily sessions. It dawned on me last week to share what comes up so those who work with a pendulum can participate if they choose. For today:

I am now awakened to my own divinity and protected from all manipulation.

I now visualize a golden sun over my head and call back my life force energy and power.

I always keep my vibration high.

I am now a fully embodied sovereign being.

Appropriate information is in all strands of DNA to create a perfectly healthy and functioning body.

But what’s the next step in a “re-write”?

It’s mental- via images…again, the mind is simply an electronic field.

So, what do you WANT? This may not involve visualization, just deciding!