2023 has been quite a year- and it seems I’ve chosen to finish it up by producing a bunch of covid 19 antibodies. Wouldn’t wish this on anybody! Finally, after 10 days, am back on my feet.

We don’t miss our daily energy work, even if it’s just The Wonder Click. But NOW am bursting with energy and feel it’s important to discuss something that came up in today’s scan: martyrdom.

We typically think of martyrs as religious zealots or terrorists, but it turns out our point of stress is relationships- that’s right, at this time we have stress related to RELATIONSHIP MARTYRDOM.

Maybe it’s just that time of year…but here are the main points of stress as they came up in our scan and how we might be dealing with them in self-destructive ways:

self-sacrifice in relationships

putting health on the line for relationships

willing to lie for relationships.

feeling insignificant in relationships

binging on computers

excess TV watching

lack of empowerment

We’re running the B2 and superclearer-

A closer look, etheric, not physical