As we move towards 2024- with “Thanksgiving” supposedly behind us- maybe it’s time to cultivate some new habits to bring in prosperity and abundance in 2024.

For those willing, we’re going to be working with numbers, which are the primary elements that EVERYTHING is composed of. Here goes:

Each day, 3 times, make a list of 33 things you’re grateful for.

According to Nikola Tesla, this activates the Key of the Universe…the numerical combinations of 33 x 3 are THAT powerful. I’ve been doing it for the past few weeks and have seen positive changes some might call “luck”. Much thanks to Nana, for getting me started on this!

Some specifics as to why starting NOW, in preparation for 2024, could be significant: The last day of 2023 and first of 2024 are said to be opening a portal to bring in a profound energy of good luck and miracles…obstacles will be replaced with phenomenal blessings.

So, with these daily lists, for those who choose to give it a try, include on the list what you INTEND to have in 2024- be grateful that it’s coming! According to numerologists, we are entering a totally new timeline.

Next post will go into how all this involves our DNA-

Meanwhile, today the group is asking, in addition to The Wonder Click, for the aura scanner and timeline.

With that in mind, am removing “stress related to all profiteering from peoples’ suffering. from our timeline- what could it hurt?

As far as the aura scanner, we’re balancing our energy but also that of our pets, vehicles, and residences.

The theme for the day- etheric, not physical, is Soul Systems, with most significant stress being Relationships.

(Hmmm- according to Michael Brown in The Presence Process, if you think you’re enlightened just go home for a holiday! LOL)