Is it possible we’ve been, for whatever reason, deceived about how to REALLY take care of our health?

For starters, is it possible our brains are operating SUB PAR because of sodium deficiency related to perhaps well-intended but WRONG advice about drinking plenty of water and avoiding all salt?

(How can we pull in beneficial energy/information to create the reality we desire if our CPU, a/k/a BRAIN- is off kilter!?)

After what I’ve learned about all this –obviously do your own research- am going to start making BRINE. Meanwhile it seems we DO want to avoid refined salt, which processed foods are typically loaded with…and use Celtic or Himalayan salt instead.


Take a glass jar (not plastic) and put rocks of crystal salt in it. Then fill the jar with filtered or distilled water but NOT from plastic bottles. Once the jar is filled with crystal salt rocks and water, let it sit for 24 hours. Now you can use the brine, usually one teaspoon per person at a time. Add it to a smoothie, your oatmeal, vegetables, whatever seems appropriate. (5 element smoothie recipe to come in next post.)

Once you use up half of the brine, throw the rest away and fill the jar with fresh water. Given the very low cost of a teaspoon of brine, this is not too wasteful. The great advantage of using only the upper half of the brine in the jar is that it super-concentrates the electrical energy and alkalizing effects of the brine. This could create an extremely potent concentration of life force. (Crystal salt is one of the most powerful enhancers of what holistic medicine calls life force.)

By the way, after difficulty finding crystal rock salt at several health food stores I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon- (typed in “crystal rock salt for making brine”)

And something to think about-

The most profoundly TRUTHFUL scene in any movie (

  • If this makes any sense at all (plus, what could it hurt), here’s a code that could be dowsed in with the SRC4U or pendulum.

I now joyfully and powerfully escape the prison I have been brainwashed to construct for myself. 64177206