Some of us are on a big learning curve, because we’re discovering what it really means to be human.

Point being – and this bears repetition because it’s hard to fathom-, science now demonstrates that the human brain is a CPU. Our cells are a bunch of computer chips. HUMANS are the most powerful technology in existence, equipped to process necessary information from a surrounding, possibly infinite, database of frequency/information set in place so we can thrive.

BUT- Even at this time in history, with phenomenal advancements in so many areas, are we thriving?. Not really. It seems we’re misusing our CPUs. Could one reason for this be we’re spending so much time on screens- TV, cell phones, computers- that we’re throwing our OWN CPUs off? (Science says YES)

Clearing that stress is the group’s focus for the next few days. Can’t show today’s screencast because the link won’t come up. Have a ticket in so at some point we’ll have it for those interested, but here are the high points of the scan (stress related to excess screen time): etheric, not physical.

State= Deficient Fluid

Defensive Action= Suppression

Emotion= Bitterness

Words to Ponder= I intend to live forever – so far, so good

We’re also receiving extra energy for the spine, which happens to be, energetically, our switchboard.

And – got an email for a group member with some good news- after searching fruitlessly for a job he has turned that around and is employed! As a celebration, a prosperity cocktail is added to today’s session. Details are in the screencast, which will go up at some point.

Meanwhile, something to think about: would you consider giving yourself one screen-free day a week?