The ancients, even the Bible, taught that we are immeasurably powerful and can create the reality we desire by working with our THOUGHTS. Now technology says YES, it’s TRUE.

But seriously, who would “think in” pain, misery, lack in ANY form? Can thought- conscious and/or subconscious- be distorted? Well- yes. STRESS can skew thoughts. Some possibilities regarding this, starting with the obvious- stress related to physical and mental health could negatively impact one’s thought process. Breaking it down further, there’s programming from parents, teachers, religion, screens, music… stressful life events, trauma, various forms of substance abuse (which includes food), lack of community, planetary stress, energetic interference from all our gadgets, spiritual stress…you get the idea.

The daily energy work related to this can be transformative and is just $27 a month for an entire family. There are additional steps one can take to further power-up the work, so a guide with suggestions is soon to be available.

For example, check out Carol Lucia | Frequency Healing. Here you can get a free 20-minute session which could provide clarity on how to break free from destructive thought patterns.

Meanwhile, today’s group theme is Large Intestine, which corresponds to several “destructive thought patterns”- sadness, grief, worry, irritability, and apathy. Our work is subtle, involving the etheric blueprint, but what about people who suffer, endlessly, from such thoughts? Will they ever have the freedom to create the reality they consciously desire?

Thinking about this- freedom- inspires me to share, instead of a screencast, a video about someone who, having lost his freedom and hope, took action to turn his life around and then help others do the same. This is not about politics or religion, although both will come up. Sorry about that, but the message is too valuable not to share – it’s about the power of just ONE HEART. You might want to have some tissues handy.


The Jon Ponder Story: Hope for Prisoners | America’s Hope (Jan. 29) | EpochTV (