Science used to believe the brain controlled EVERYTHING…it was just a bunch of neurons. Some even taught there was no such thing as free will…we humans were no better than a bunch of inanimate objects, controlled by external forces that activated various neurons.

Then brain-imaging technology came along and threw in a monkey-wrench: “Mind-Consciousness.”

Now science says that the interface between mind-consciousness and the brain is unexplainable. For example, where does creativity come from? How about spiritual perceptions? How can a person alter their brain- literally alter neural circuitry- with THOUGHTS, which is now scientifically proven?

Some scientists even speculate that we may be overshadowed by some kind of Intelligence in the Universe. They’ve observed that there is no scientific evidence for evolution, too. (Think of all the textbooks that are going to have to be changed if THAT ever comes out!)

So- Is this “Intelligence” God? Is it possible we really ARE surrounded by a field of unseen energy set in place by a Loving Creator who desires that we live in Joy and Abundance? If so, could something – internal or external- be interfering with our access? AND- are we at a time when we finally begin to understand this and work together to create Peace on Earth, Joy, Abundance for all?

Anyway- the screencast link isn’t working again. Am frustrated because we’re doing some new things and wanted you to see. For starters, we’re checking for interference, both in receiving energetic information from that surrounding field but also the SRC work. Today the primary block is the EGO. Yesterday it was “causal emotional signatures” which we’ll be going into detail on starting with the next post.

Also, for the past few days we’ve been clearing messages that seem to be floating around in our etheric field. Where’s all this coming from? Maybe it’s authority figures such as parents, teachers, but it could also be coming over various screens such as TV, and so on. Regardless of the source, what does it hurt to clear such stress? Yesterday we worked with the clearing tab on the recharger for 15 hours, today we’re working with the elemental scanner, 5 minutes with 8 repeats.

Today’s messages:

you don’t deserve wealth, you are not a victim of mind control, don’t create your reality, don’t change this reality, you’re always last, you’re a failure, I am not cut out to be a mother, don’t practice psychic stuff,