American people spend an incredible 10 + hours a day interacting with screens.

But what’s the harm? Look at all the information we have access to through these screens! WELL- besides brain shrinkage- and seeing between 4,000-10,000 ads a day- we also may be getting programmed by these screens. We know the technology for this exists, but of course it’s crazy talk to consider it might really be happening.

Still, out of curiosity I started doing some reading on this and ended up with a long list of possible “commands” that some believe are coming at us over screens- and made a list for scanning. (If you have the SRC and/or work with a pendulum and want this list, let me know.)

Anyway, after a group scan, here are 3 messages that were in our etheric field:

“You’ll never manifest, You don’t deserve happiness, Don’t even think about finding love.”

Who knows if this is REAL. What we DO know is that we are part of a vast network of energy and are designed, via our super-computer brain, to process it. We also know that we are highly programmable. This has been validated repeatedly. But as far as negative programming coming over screens? I know. Only crazy people would believe such a thing. Such manipulation couldn’t exist.

BUT what can it hurt to send a little stress-management anyway? We’re receiving 3 hours of clearing.

While we’re at it, the following message is coming through the Field Generator: (12 hours)

I now at this time choose to remove, by my command, any and all limitations of any kind…anatomical, structural, physiological, cellular, or energetic….that may interfere in any way, shape or form in the complete and total healing of my mind, body, and spirit, and so it is!