It seems, since it’s said to be causal signatures in the emotional body that pull in what we create, that it would be a good idea to clear signatures that aren’t in keeping with what we consciously desire.

Easier said than done, though, because the emotional body starts loading up these “signatures” prenatally and continues until approximately age 7. This is where “energy work”- and there are many different approaches, including the SRC, can be so powerful, because information from the emotional body can perhaps be obtained.

For example, you’ll see in today’s screencast that the group highlighted stress related to “skin infection”- and that this seemed to be related to relationship issues!

All this can seem complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Just know that to manifest what you truly desire you must approach the Universe on the level of FEELINGS. For example, start watching what you SAY.

Here’s something a friend gave permission to share…she recently was diagnosed with cancer and her (phenomenal) doctor asked her to repeat this statement 7 times a day, with feeling:

“I was a small property ravaged by a storm. The fine weather has returned. The house is vibrant and shines in the sun. And above all, the field is returning to its order, health, and beauty. Thank you, my diseased organs, I know you have done all this to save my whole being. And thanks to myself for doing my healing.”

In reading this statement to someone going through similar stress, they said “I don’t want to refer to my organs as diseased.” I suggested she leave that part out. BUT, according to what I’ve learned, dis-ease can be a blessing in disguise when it turns into a major wake-up call to one’s true self-healing power…which will involve a transformative clearing of certain emotional signatures…

Worth thinking about, anyway.

Etheric, not physical