Even peace on Planet Earth could be a reality…if enough of us could focus on bringing it into our timeline.

The challenge: many don’t have the energy, a/k/a voltage, for such intense visualization.

SO, this past week was devoted to trying to figure out WHY that is- after all, we’re equipped, with a powerful system, designed to create joy and abundance. Why would we, on collective and/or personal levels, create otherwise?

Among other possibilities, which we’ll be investigating, I came across a new term: CLOACALS.

This is apparently a term unknown by the medical system, but the same seems to be true for many involved in alternative approaches to health. There’s very little information online, but here’s the essence of what’s on www.scribd.com:

The Cloacal System relates to various passages of energy within the body. These passages include urogenital and anorectal, but this all seems to tie into the GUT.

This system of energy is said to control and regulate almost all major systems in the body. When a person’s Cloacals are not working they are far more affected by stress than is typical. Odds are that they will be continually out of balance. As a result, the body is unable to self-heal.

ALSO, when it comes to manifestation, there just isn’t enough energy.

Fortunately, according to what I’ve been reading, it doesn’t take a lot of energy to balance the cloacal system…just awareness that this could be a root source cause of various issues.

Here’s what we’re doing with the SRC4U, etheric, not physical