YES- it would be a start! So, it’s been a week…has anybody started taking 5 minutes a day (or so) to list, 3 times , what they’re grateful for? According to Nikola Tesla, the 33×3 adds an electromagnetic component, so is a powerful manifestation technique. Scientists can now validate this. Turns out there are precise pathways for thoughts and beliefs to be directed to our genes and that signals from OUTSIDE the cells have a greater impact than what’s IN them!

But it’s complex . For example, how are thoughts, feelings, etc. ACTIVATED? Is THAT genetic, or is it outside environment in terms what we’re eating, drinking, inhaling…seeing… In reference to that, here’s the stress we’ve been working to manage for the last week:

For starters, we have a new ACCEPTANCE cocktail-

As I go through life, all situations help to empower me, inspire me, and give me direction.

I accept the small joys woven throughout my life

I accept responsibility for my words and actions.

I accept the power of the universe.

As I accept that I have the power of the Universe in me, I also accept and allow everything else to flow.

I accept life as a stunning manifestation of my thoughts and beliefs.

I accept compliments.

I accept others as they are.

I give and accept money easily.

I accept and embrace the past and what it has taught me.

I love and accept myself.

This cocktail was added because some areas of stress came up that had the potential to block our work. A few examples:

Non-beneficial physical and mental impact of Covid 19 vaccines and boosters, imbalances in thought, stress related to having faith in the body’s ability to heal itself,

Cybernetics, non-beneficial emotional signatures, and lack of motivation.

We DID request repeated charges of 9 Hz, 90 Hz, and 5020 Hz. which are said to be Universal Healing Frequencies

Today our top areas of stress are Water Element Meridians, Connective Tissue, and Fungus. We have another 13 hours and 9 minutes to go before re-evaluating.