It can come as quite a shock to realize how much of what we’ve been taught is the opposite of what’s TRUE.

No need to focus on this. Just realize that the human mind/body is highly programmable. Even our cells are said to operate like cassette tapes! Then there’s the brain, a powerful, programmable computer. Any chance of faulty input?

Once such a question arises, if it ever does, the next step is to take a hard look at your life. Do you like the reality your programming- by parents, teachers, friends, the media- has created? If not, maybe it’s time to make some changes. This may involve doing some independent research.

You could read up on the current state of health in the western world and the role the health industry/ corporate structure may be playing… you know, who is getting rich and who’s getting sicker and poorer. OR what early Christians believed before religion came along…it’s interesting…and then there’s the mystery of why some politicians who have never held a job somehow become multimillionaires once being elected to public office…all this is just a start, of course.

The challenge: We’re also programmed – heavily- not to question our programming. How to tell if you’re operating from THAT program? You get angry or fearful when someone presents you with opposing information.

Fortunately, though, we are equipped to solve ANY problem. Plenty of information on ”de-programming” is available online.

As far as our approach, we’re going to work with the SRC to clear non-beneficial programming from a gateway to the infinite informational field that surrounds us …the most powerful gateway available to humans… the Pineal gland.

If we can’t step away from false reality, we can’t access our tremendous power.

Here’s today’s session- see what you think- etheric, not physical!