Well- this is Wednesday, and here I am, on the computer with the cell phone by my side. The plan was to turn the cell phone off Tuesday at 6 pm and leave it off till 6 pm Wednesday- while also staying away from the computer.

As you can see, it’s not going well. Will have to be much more organized to accomplish 24 hours of screen-free time.

BUT- we MUST realize that downtime is crucial to our physical, mental, and spiritual health. It’s when our brains literally rest and repair themselves. With so much screen time physical, mental, and spiritual health deteriorates. We become disoriented and lose sight of real life.

And yet here we are, as a society, with 1 in 5 suffering from nomophobia (fear or anxiety of being without a working cell phone or connectivity). Most teens now sleep with their phones within reach. Many 8-year-olds have their own cell phones, and by age 12 most kids walk around with the internet in their pocket.

AND- look around- seems like we’re seeing quite a bit of behavior that just doesn’t make sense. Could any of it be related to our BRAINS not working right, and, if so, could part of the reason be that we’re in front of a TV, cell phone, iPad and/or computer most of the time?

What could it hurt to check this out? One of the advantages of all this screen availability is that there’s plenty of information available!

Meanwhile, below are the last two days’ screencasts. You won’t see much focus on screen-time stress, because results depend on our active participation, i.e. stepping away from screens now and then- at the least keeping them out of our sleeping area.

However, in today’s session we wanted a Sacred Geometry scan, and got the FOUNDATION card which carries the following message:

I see the good I have in my life, and it is the foundation for all abundance 77681577.

Etheric, not physical

https://screenpal.com/watch/c066bjV5JnC (Tuesday)

https://screenpal.com/watch/c06X2RV57OC (Wednesday)