How did we ever get along without cell phones and computers?

BUT- here are a few headlines that popped up just while this post was being put together. Sadly, they’re typical of today’s world:

A Michigan Woman Was Friends with Her Neighbor for Over 30 Years. Then She Tied Him Up and Stabbed Him 188 Times.

Man goes to hospital with stomachache. Shocked docs retrieve 60 household items from his gut.

Mother who filed $1m lawsuit over son’s death is accused of ignoring him as he drowned, witnesses observed her on phone, never looking up or paying attention to anything.

As validated by science we’re part of a vast field of frequency/information set in place for us to access and thrive. This is no longer in question, it is FACT. REAPEAT: We are designed to access information necessary to thrive via a powerful CPU known as the BRAIN.

So, is something wrong with a bunch of brains? Maybe.

Is it mineral deficiency? Many say our soil is mineral depleted…and as a result our brains, especially related to sodium. With that possibility in mind the last post had a recipe for BRINE made from crystal rock salt. It takes less than a minute to make enough for weeks. 1 tsp a day is recommended. I just had mine, over strawberries of all things, and loved the sweet/salty combo! Check with your doctor, and as always do your own research, but maybe this is a small start towards restoring brain balance?

Obviously, there are other factors we’ll be addressing – some even say what’s happening in our world is evidence of the battle between Dark and Light. But, next, let’s take a closer look at the impact of too much screentime on the brain.

Etheric, not physical

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