Ancient scholars taught that we have the power to create Heaven on Earth. Supposedly the mechanism for this is THOUGHT.

In other words, we can be what we WILL to be.

As crazy as this sounds, especially looking at the overall condition of the world, modern technology now verifies this. We are part of a possibly infinite web of informational frequency. This web contains data, in frequency form, on anything and everything. We pull it in via our thoughts. Specifically, there needs to be coordination between the conscious, subconscious, and solar plexus…we’ll be going into more detail on this as we go along…because…

…many are probably thinking “yeah, right.” They’ve prayed, done affirmations, visualizations, and so on- with no results.

But – if the light bulb in your lamp burns out do you stop believing in electricity?

In other words, could one’s physical condition be a significant factor in the quality and power of their thoughts? Science tells us it all starts with the cerebrospinal system, which is the organ of the conscious mind.

As thoughts come in- and supposedly we have a thought a second, way too much to 100% process on a conscious level- they’re downloaded into the subconscious.

The sympathetic nervous system is the organ of the subconscious. It doesn’t argue with the conscious mind. Whatever is downloaded goes into action, especially when combined with emotion. All this then goes to the Solar Plexus via the vagus nerve. Again, we’ll be breaking all this down as we go along. But for now- these systems must operate at highest power, or voltage, for optimal manifestation. Can the SRC assist in any way by clearing related stress?

Etheric, not physical