The following 2 links had such an impact on me personally that I was strongly led to share them. The information is controversial – some would advise caution – but caution may not always be of service. Here goes-

(629) SC Senate Hearing – Dr. Janci Lindsay – YouTube

(629) Attacking the Devil – Harold Evans and The Last Nazi War Crime – YouTube

This second one is LONG but according to the SRC there is a 91% benefit to those who choose to watch. (82% benefit of watching the first according to SRC.)

Maybe screen time isn’t always a negative- as long as it’s not the 9+ hours a day that so many have ended up spending each day.

As far as today’s group work, all etheric, not physical, the top stress-related issues: Illness and Unwellness, emotional insulation, stress related to blood pressure, and sorrow.

And Words to Ponder= Don’t spoil what you have by desiring what you have not.