Years back, my health, apparently, had collapsed. Medical tests confirmed this, and MORE tests and procedures were being lined up. But, over the previous 3 years I’d lost both my parents. They’d had fantastic insurance, so each had been through what seemed like every procedure under the sun. It had only added to the misery of their last days.

And so it was that I took a different path, investigating energy work, nutrition, the power of thoughts and words- etc. – discovering that much of we’ve been taught about major life issues – health, for starters- is the opposite of what’s TRUE.

(Don’t know why so much information has been skewed, but the SRC4U might give a clue with one of the Words To Ponder, “Rule of de-factualization: information deteriorates through upward bureaucracies.” De-factualization means the lying isn’t deliberate.)

Anyway, getting back to what’s true, we like to think we live in a society with the most advanced medicine of all time. The truth is that the overall health of the American population continues to deteriorate. Even doctors on average suffer more from degenerative diseases than the regular person!

So, with an emphasis on TRUTH, the group work has most recently been focused on water. Life is not possible without it. BUT it turns out that the water in our body is not just water but a solution of salt. Some refer to it as BRINE. Without salt in the body fluids water cannot support physical life. Point being, we’ve been taught to avoid salt and that could be a “DE factualized truth”- we may need to avoid REFINED salt but add CRYSTAL salt to our health regimen!

With that in mind, (new mind?) the next post will cover how to make BRINE, an ingredient that could be added to smoothies, etc.

Today’s work, etheric, not physical

p.s. Somehow the medical collapse COLLAPSED-