The group energy work is done every day, but there’ve been no posts since the last entry, “CAN CAUTION BE CRIMINAL?” Guess I was wanting to let the data from the two videos in that post sink in for those who had the time to watch them.

The first video revealed LIES we’ve been told about the 2019+ “viral threat” to our health.

The second is about the thalidomide crisis back in the 60’s. Turns out the damage thalidomide caused was already known because it had been experimented with in concentration camps. What level of evil allowed the drug to be administered to expectant mothers? And why did the media, with only one exception, cover it up? It’s devastating to be confronted with such awareness.

BUT, maybe even more devastating: most people don’t seem to care that they’ve been lied to. Instead, they get angry at those who disclose the truth.

It’s almost as if there’s some sort of brain dysfunction. Seriously, as far as current day information, lives were shattered because of we now know were lies about the 2019+ viral threat- but the majority doesn’t seem to care.

Could it be brains are off kilter from too much SCREEN TIME? Science now shows that this causes literal BRAIN SHRINKAGE. There is little question that between TV, computers, and cell phones some sort of screen is filling just about every moment of our attention. This has drowned out our time to think, and displaced, for many, spiritual disciplines such as prayer and meditation, while keeping us focused on the trivial rather than the important.

Maybe it’s time for each of us to become our own GURU and figure this out on a personal level. The word GURU is broken down this way: GU=dark RU=Light. Maybe the darkness of certain world situations will cause many to turn to the Light? Hard to tell.

Here’s what we DO know: The brain is the physical switchboard between the mind and the body. That being the case, let’s see what we can do about possible stress related to “neural addiction”. Also, the SRC indicates high resonance to a daily sacred geometry scan. Today the energetic request was for the image of JOY.

Etheric, not physical