Why would ANYONE, once they become aware of the power of the human spirit -work with that power to create anything other than joy and abundance?

The simple answer: Their voltage is down. We all pull in what we resonate with. What’s keeping it down? Living in illusion, which skews THOUGHTS. Below are 20 examples that relate to this. This list is scanned daily with the SRC, and related stress cleared.

For example, today the group scanned for and is working to clear #s 2 & 8. In reference to #2, we scanned for significant benefit of clearing Russia phobia. Fear crashes voltage!

But why work this way with the SRC? Maybe it’s time for the human family to come together- which means clearing illusions that might stand in the way.

  1. Alcohol abuse
  2. Consciousness based on false reality
  3. Consciously unaware of thoughts
  4. Drug abuse
  5. Dysfunctional family programming
  6. Educational programming
  7. Energetic interference
  8. Gambling addiction
  9. Lack of gratitude
  10. Political programming
  11. programming from communications industry
  12. programming from music
  13. Religious programming
  14. Slave to the herd
  15. Stuck at lower voltage physically
  16. Stuck at lower voltage mentally
  17. Stuck at lower voltage emotionally
  18. Stuck at lower voltage spiritually
  19. Too much focus on lack and scarcity
  20. Unwilling to control thoughts

This scan is being done with the SRC for individual sessions as well as the group and is having major impact.

Meanwhile, I’ve been led to mention another energy tool, the WAV watch, which is a form of sound therapy. I don’t have one yet, but those I know personally who are wearing it are experiencing, among other things, better sleep, and pain relief.

For more information and a $100 discount call Susan Bird, 315-246-2601

Today’s screencast, etheric, not physical