YES- if we can just keep our energy balanced, we are designed to do just that!

This balance involves what the ancient Chinese referred to as balancing Yin and Yang. Yin turns out to be electrons, Yang is protons. (How the Chinese figured this out thousands of years ago is beyond my understanding,)

Anyway, one positive thing about being somewhat off my feet for the past couple of weeks with Covid was that something I’ve worked on for over 10 years- an SRC4U manual- is just about finished.

Much to my shock it turns out that a simple “balance yin and yang” in the Primary Situation section of the software is often all that’s necessary for a powerful session!

But also, especially with 2024 around the corner, awareness of what’s throwing protons/electrons OFF might not be a bad thing. Below is just a small example in list form, and we can scan ANY list with the SRC to pinpoint top areas of stress. THIS scan might surprise you!

Stress related to EMF.

Stress related to too little sunlight.

Stress related to dehydration.

Stress related to not eating real food.

Stress related to not getting essential macronutrients.

Stress related to eating too fast.

Stress related to toxicity.

Stress related to lack of exercise.

Stress related to lack of sleep.

Stress related to WORDS.

Stress related to finances.

Stress related to relationships.


Etheric, not physical