Shungite Whole House EMF Neutralizer

The Shungite wall outlet unit is one of a kind. It not only smooths out the electricity through the wires of your house but is designed to help harmonize the body through the chakra system. The light emanation from the unit charges the atmosphere with balancing frequencies through Shungite transmission, harmonizing and balancing the physical body.

It helps to override electrical pollution, WIFI and other manmade interferences by introducing healthy frequencies introduced by scalar waves, magnetic waves, sound waves and through 8 different color LED lights.

Plug unit into any wall outlet and experience an attunement or syncing up to all the light and energetic frequencies needed for optimal function. In addition, these frequencies radiate out harmonizing the environment. The key is the Shungite pulsing action of the 8 colored rainbow lights and ALL the natural frequencies (PEMF including Schuman resonance and scalar) that balances the flow of life’s energy or “qi” including all acupuncture points, meridians, and chakras. As if recharging a battery or fine tuning an instrument the Shungite wall unit tunes you into a wholistic quantum resonance, or natural blueprint to which the body entrains or re-attunes itself restoring the memory of wholeness.



Shungite EMF Neutralizer

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