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… a way of living filled with strange and wonderful improvements in health, happiness, outlook on life, marriage, relationships, finances…even a total change in the way day-to-day problems are handled? Then it might be time to accept the fact that energy and frequency is what the material world is made of. In other words, if we want to control the “matter” that is our lives, then we must understand the frequency of that matter.


We are here to present the broader view of this reality that is needed to reclaim one’s true power. Oriental physicians somehow understood all this over 5,000 years ago and normalized energy flow through a combination of acupuncture, herbs, qi gong, and positive loving intention. Now there’s a software program, the SRC4U, that can foster that same energy flow. In fact, it may be even more effective than ancient healing systems because it turns out that the human body is a highly advanced technology. We operate, according to science, as powerful biocomputers. This means working with energy technology, such as the SRC4U, could create the same kinds of healing and balancing effects as created by great healing masters.


With this in mind, years ago a “Quantum Energy Group” was created to provide this transformative energy to as many as possible. This group of energy enthusiasts receive the benefits of a number of incorporated quantum tools, but the SRC4U software is the primary modality.

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Discover the tools and knowledge you need

Discover the tools and knowledge you can use to continue your journey to health and happiness.

How to access your power

These are the components for the formula

Daily Energy Group

Members of the Quantum Energy Group receive a daily remote clearing and energy boost for only $27.00 a month!




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Personal Energy Sessions

You have a gift, the ability to project and create the reality you desire. However, to access this gift one must acknowledge there’s more to life than what the five senses reveal. That’s right- beneath the surface of what we see as our reality is a vast, unseen, energetic system. We, as energetic beings, are designed to interact with this system, processing information from a wide web of frequency/data. A personal computer is designed to pull in data from the world wide web, but science now validates that WE are designed to access a far more expansive web of information!


For those who want more personal data, One on One Sessions are available for $50.00 per session. Through our sessions, you can discover personal blockages, set and reach goals, manage stress related to physical conditions, and much more. 

If “energetic stress-management” is a new concept and you find yourself asking “Energetic blueprint, seriously?” try booking a free 15-Minute Discovery Session.

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“My current is rising!  Raising my vibration in this manner has been beyond amazing.  I feel more satisfied with life.”


“For any parties interested in energy counseling and the added friendship of one of world’s most delightful human beings, I strongly suggest engaging with Cathy.”


“Cathy, from whom I have sought counseling over the last 10 years on a quite regular basis, has guided me through tremendous difficulties in business and personal life.”


“I would be lost without her.”

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